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A Painting by Watteau: A Conservation Project

Antoine Watteau was the most influential French painter of the early eighteenth century. His development of the Fête galante led to immediate success and became his hallmark as a painter.

In this film by Christoph Vogtherr, Director of the Wallace Collection, and Jon Slight, Assistant Conservator, discover the story behind a recent conservation project of Watteau’s painting ‘Pour nous prouver que cette belle’ and its frame.

Fascinating! This undoes the earlier mistakes, including the downgrading of the picture to “ascribed to Watteau”. It is curious that the frame size had then been reduced, but not in the case of The Halt during the Chase, where the additions at the sides WERE by a later artist and detract greatly from the composition.

Dr Selby Whittingham on 9 September 2016