The Wallace Collection


The Conservation Department of the Wallace Collection, operating from a suite of workshops on the third floor of Hertford House, is directly responsible for the care of all works of art within the Collection, but treats in-house only two major areas of interest: wooden objects (eg. furniture), and metalwork (eg. arms and armour, numerically the largest part of the Collection).

The Department's principal aims are to safeguard the works of art in the Collection, making them accessible for the present generation and preserving them for the future, maintaining the very highest standards of their conservation and display, whilst reflecting the Collection's policy of minimum intervention.

It also has a subsidiary (but vitally important) role in supporting the general maintenance of Hertford House and its services. Although small, the Conservation Department has over the past two decades gained an enviable national and even international reputation for the quality of the conservation work undertaken in-house, especially on furniture, and for its central role in the care and protection of the Collection as a whole.

It is the Department's general aim to maintain and enhance this reputation, ensuring that the Wallace Collection continues, as a leading national collection, to work to the very best standards, taking a leading role in the development of new approaches to conservation policy and practice.

The Conservation Team:

David Edge B.A. Hons., Dip. Cons., F.S.A.
Head of Conservation, and Armourer

Jürgen Huber, Tischlermeister, Dip. Con., A.C.R.
Senior Furniture Conservator

Graeme McArthur B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc.
Metals Conservator

Stephen Craig, HND., BSc. Hons.
Conservation Craftsman and Museum Conservation Technician

Dr. Alan Williams, PhD, MSc, FSA.
Honorary Archaeometallurgist

Jon Slight MA.
Assistant Conservator for Frames